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Goods & Services Forms
Personal Services Forms

Goods & Services Forms

This form is required to request a procurement for goods or services

This form must be completed and submitted along with a Purchase Requisition for all leases of goods and equipment in which OSU is the lessee. Be sure to review the OSU and OUS lease policies prior to considering any leasing arrangement.

Used when a procurement is less than $5,000 (no Procurement involvement)

This form is used to request a Sole Source Procurement or Contract

Use this form to list the details of the products you would like to have quoted by vendors. Please review the dollar thresholds on our How Do I Start? page so that you have an understanding of when you can obtain your own quotes. There are various dollar thresholds that require certain types of solicitations, advertising and management by Procurement.

Use this form to tabulate bids on departmental-level procurements

Personal Services Forms

Personal Services Contract is used for Personal or Professional Services totaling $5,000 and above for a given year, for non U.S. Citizen workers, or for projects with multiple payments. This form is not to be used for architectural or engineering services. Please be certain to fill out the Employee vs. Independent Contractor Determination form below for submission with each PSC.

An Employee vs. Independent Contractor Determination form is required to be submitted to Procurement along with the Personal Services Contract if the PSC is issued to an individual as opposed to a company. Contracts may only be issued to individuals that qualify as Independent Contractors. Please see our Training section for additional reference materials.

The amendment form is for use when adding money or time to a non-expired Personal Services Contract. This form should only be used in the event of an unforeseen expansion of the scope or delay in performance (not as a means for issuing a new contract with a unique scope of work).

This form is used to request a Sole Source Procurement or Contract.