Note: As of April 20, 2018, Industrial, Lab and Office Supply categories below have been modified as a result of changes to the AutoPay program and implementation of BennyBuy.

Buy ORANGE provides information and portal access to OSU Contracts for goods and services. Time, resources and monetary savings are realized when purchasing from an already established OSU Contract. Except for purchases in which Bureau of Labor and Industries Prevailing Wage Rates would apply, purchases up to $5,000 may be made directly against these Contracts without having to go through Procurement or utilizing a Banner Purchase Order. Purchases above $5,000 require a Banner Purchase Order but competition is not required!

Advertising Laundry Services
Computers, Software & Information Technology Moving Services
Copiers Office Supplies
Costco Pouring Rights
Equipment Maintenance Management Services  
Flooring Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities (QRF)
Furniture Residential/Facilities (Mattresses/Linens/Toiletries)
Industrial Supplies / Facilities State of Oregon Contracts
Janitorial Temporary Services
Lab Supplies Travel Services

Costco Program

OSU has set up a program with Costco so that OSU employees can shop for goods for OSU departments in person at the Albany, Eugene, or Hillsboro Costco locations, or order online from the Costco web site. This program is for OSU business related purchases and not for personal purchases.

Information regarding the program is listed below:

  • OSU Costco Program Summary
    This summary contains information about the Costco Program and instructions for shopping.  **UPDATED 12/13/17** As of January 1, 2018, Costco will no longer accept OSU Purchase Orders.  See Program Summary for updated instructions for shopping.

Feedback regarding the Costco Program can be submitted using our Contact Form.


OSU has contracts in place for display, retail and classified advertising with the Corvallis Gazette Times and the Oregonian. When using these two providers, please reference OSU’s contract numbers at time of order.

Click on desired advertising agency to view contract information and details.

PaCS Buy Orange Advertising Gazette-Times            PaCS Buy Orange Advertising The Oregonian

Industrial Supplies / Facilities

As of April 20, 2018, we have transitioned away from the AutoPay program.  Please visit BennyBuy to make purchases through Grainger’s punchout catalog with OSU’s contracted pricing.  If you do not have access to BennyBuy, please visit Grainger’s commercial website or call them at 1-800-472-4643 and place your order with a PCard.

Lab Supplies

As of April 20, 2018, we have transitioned away from the AutoPay program.  Please visit BennyBuy to make purchases through VWR’s punchout catalog with OSU’s contracted pricing.  If you do not have access to BennyBuy, please visit VWR’s commercial website or call them at 1-800-932-5000 and place your order with a PCard.

Equipment Maintenance Management Services

The REMI Group

OSU Procurement and Contract Services has created a new contract for Equipment Maintenance Management Services (EMMS) with The Remi Group LLC. The objective of this contract is to provide a comprehensive approach to managing equipment maintenance that utilizes current service providers while reducing costs. Program benefits include:

  • Freedom to use your preferred service provider
  • Online management reports on equipment and vendor performance
  • Flexibility to customize coverage levels
  • Ability to add or remove equipment at any time
  • Consolidation of equipment maintenance contracts
  • In-house repair reimbursement

The Remi Group does not repair or service equipment. Your department may continue to utilize its current maintenance service provider. Savings are realized by consolidating existing service agreements into ONE comprehensive program, thereby eliminating the inefficiencies of multiple vendor service agreements.

How the Program Works:

How the REMI Group Program Works

Eligible equipment includes: general office, information technology, medical, laboratory/research, security, communication, mailroom, plus other types of equipment that are electronic in nature.

This agreement provides a minimum guaranteed discount of 25% on eligible current vendor service agreements and is available to all OSU departments.

For more information, please refer to the Contract Summary.


The Flooring contracts are now being managed by Construction Contract Administration. Please contact Construction Contract Administration with any questions regarding these contracts.

Computers, Software, and IT-Related Goods & Services

Pre-Configured Computers - Frequently Asked Questions

“I have been looking at the Buy Orange computer systems and I can get a cheaper price on the home computer class models than I can on the business class models. Why should I opt for the business class one instead?”

Better hardware: The quality of parts and overall construction of the business class machines is normally superior to that of the cheaper consumer class offerings. This includes higher speed hard drives, longer life batteries, better motherboard components, more efficient power supplies, and better overall construction. Because of this the machines tend to be more reliable and stay usable longer, making them a better value for the money. Additionally, this standardization of hardware allows IT support staff to build and configure the machines faster because they do not have to spend as much time searching for the drivers and applications needed to get the machine ready for use. This also means that if something does go wrong with one of these machines IT staff are able to troubleshoot and repair them quicker. These things together allow us to keep downtime to a minimum and extend the lifetime of the computer out to 3-5 years.

Better warranty: Many consumer class laptops come with a standard one year warranty. If a part in or on the laptop fails after the warranty coverage has expired it can be very expensive (often more than the difference in initial savings) to get a replacement part and have it installed. It is also typical for the standard warranties to exclude accidental damage. If you accidently drop or spill coffee onto your laptop the basic warranty will often not cover the repair cost or cost of parts. This is the reason we recommend the additional accidental damage coverage as well as the basic parts and service warranty and why Buy Orange products have a 4 year warranty.

Pre-Configured Computers

Pre-negotiated pricing has been achieved with Apple, Dell and HP for pre-configured computers based on annual volume and purchase data at Oregon State University and is reviewed each year. Pricing remains constant until stock changes, so you may order one or multiple computers at the same price until these machines are no longer offered. Actual models and pricing offered will be updated within the manufacturer's respective website to reflect changes in technology.

The intent of these pre-configured computers is to meet a majority of the needs on campus to reduce administrative costs and time spent in both procurement and technical support, and is NOT intended to be the only machines acquired on campus.

Speak with your local departmental computer administrator (DCA or CN support team) to determine your technical needs; they may also assist you with on-line quoting and technical consultation.

Contact your business center or finance person to determine your departmental computer ordering and budget approval process.

Pre-Configured Computers - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please contact Procurement at (541) 737-4261 and ask for the computer contract administrator.


OSU has negotiated discounts with several new office furniture suppliers. With the goal of offering many furniture purchasing alternatives to OSU and its affiliates, these new supplier contracts represent 24 manufacturers, allowing options for any taste and any budget. These pricing agreements are available for use by OSU and its affiliates.

Furniture purchases can be from a variety of suppliers depending on the total cost of the purchase. Below you will find a list of suppliers presently on contract with OSU.

Key things to consider when purchasing furniture:

  • If the total value of the purchase is $25,000 or greater, please contact Procurement so that an analyst can review and insure the supplier is quoting furniture from contracts which OSU can utilize.
  • If pricing provided is not off preauthorized contracts, a competitive bidding process will need to be completed prior to ordering.
  • If the furniture purchase involves any kind of installation please contact us at our general email address (or contact Construction Contract Administration) to see if the project qualifies as a BOLI Prevailing Wage Rate project.

Most suppliers allow testing of chairs prior to placing firm orders to insure proper fit for the end customer.  It is highly recommended that staff test for fit, ergonomics and comfort before investing in a chair.

The following agreements should be the primary sources for supply on contracted systems furniture (click on the supplier's name for the contract summary):

Business Interiors (Staples)

  • Mity-lite
  • Office Master
  • PS Furniture
  • Workrite

King Office Equipment & Designs

  • Great Opening
  • St. Johns
  • Surface Works

Office World, Inc.

  • Herman Miller

Workspace Interiors by Office Depot

  • Global/Evolve
  • Hon
  • Izzy
  • Kimball
  • New England Wood
  • National


  • Coalesse
  • Details
  • Friant
  • OFS Brands
  • Preferred Seating (RFM)
  • Steelcase
  • Watson

Workplace Resource of Oregon

  • Herman Miller


  • Krueger International (KI)

Moving Services

OSU has established contracts with several companies for moving, relocation and logistical services at significantly discounted rates. Services must be arranged through the contact listed in the contract summary in order to be eligible for the discount. These contracts have been established for OSU official business and their use is voluntary.

Any moving related reimbursement or direct billing requests require prior approval from the Department funding the move/relocation. This approval is recorded through the use of the OSU Moving/Relocation Agreement form which may be obtained from OSCAR, designated as a "Relocation Agreement." New employees should work directly with their prospective departments and Business Center to establish a purchase order per the FIS Relocation and Moving Policies 415-05.

Moving quotes are between the employee and the moving company and do not need to be submitted to Procurement for review or signature. The Business Center can work with Procurement if the final invoice total is over $25,000.00.

Click on a logo below to view contract summary information.

Allied Van Lines


Mayflower Transit

North American Van Lines

United Van Lines

Office Supplies

As of April 20, 2018, we have transitioned away from the AutoPay program.  Please visit BennyBuy to make purchases through the Staples or Office Depot punchout catalog with OSU’s contracted pricing.  If you do not have access to BennyBuy, please visit the Staples commercial website or the Office Depot commercial website or call them and place your order with a PCard.



Call Staples 1-800-333-3330



Call Office Depot 1-800-463-3768



Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities

A Qualified Rehabilitation Facility, or QRF, is a non-profit organization that puts Oregonians with disabilities to work. A QRF often has a variety of programs to help people with disabilities achieve maximum economic and personal independence through vocational development. It is "qualified" because its programs are registered and reviewed on a regular basis by the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS). Click on the link below to access information about the State of Oregon Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities Program:

State of Oregon Seal

State of Oregon QRF Organizations

As a Public University established by the laws of the State of Oregon, OSU does business with QRFs because:

  • It is the right thing to do, providing business opportunities for the disabled.
  • It is the smart thing to do, assisting the disabled earn a working wage.
  • It puts you in the driver's seat with the ability to negotiate contracts tailored to exactly the product/service you want.
  • It is the necessary thing to do according to the 1977 "Products of Disabled Individuals" act that obliges tax supported political bodies in Oregon to purchase goods and services from QRF's when products meet the agencies requirements.

Listed below are the QRF facilities most frequently utilized by OSU. You may also review additional information on our QRF Contracting page.

Qualified Rehabilitation Facility ("QRF") Description of Services Provided to OSU
Blue Sun Inc. Temporary Staffing Services
Coast Rehabilitation Services Janitorial Services
Cornerstone Associates Inc. Janitorial Services
DePaul Industries Temporary Staffing Services
Galt Foundation Temporary Staffing Services
Garten Services Laundry Services
Marie Mills Center Confidential Records Destruction
Opportunity Foundation of Oregon Janitorial Services
Work Unlimited Janitorial Services
Pathway Enterprises Inc. Janitorial Services 
Sunrise Enterprises of Roseburg Inc. Janitorial Services

If you would like information regarding Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities and the services they can provide, please contact:

Donna Cain


Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities (QRF) Contracting

In accordance with OAR 580-061-0000(f) Code of Ethics, OUS employees will promote competition by encouraging the participation of Oregon businesses, emerging small and minority-owned and women-owned businesses (MWESB) and Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities.

Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities

A Qualified Rehabilitation Facility (QRF) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to assist and encourage Oregonians with disabilities to achieve maximum independence through gainful and useful employment. QRF’s are certified by the Oregon Department of Administrative Services and the State Procurement Office (SPO) manages the products and services of these programs. QRF’s are supported and represented by the Oregon Rehabilitation Association (ORA).

ORS 279.850 mandates public agencies to procure products and services that are included on the Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities Program Procurement List available on the State Procurement Office website from a qualified nonprofit agency for disabled individuals provided the product or service is of the appropriate specifications, is available within the period required by the public agency, and at the price negotiated between the QRF and the agency. Contracts with QRF’s are exempt from competitive bidding.

Go to the Buy ORANGE page for QRF


Please see our updated web page for Computers, IT and Software.

State of Oregon Contracts

OSU has access to all of the Price Agreements that the State of Oregon has issued. You must indicate the applicable Price Agreement/Contract number you are using on the PO as reference to the vendor and follow any specific instructions contained in the Price Agreement for other agency use.

View the full listing of available State of Oregon contracts (run date 6/29/17)

PaCS Buy Orange State of Oregon Contracts

Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN)

(Please contact Procurement and Contract Services if you need log in information.)

Price Agreements placed by either the State of Oregon or OSU Procurement allow you to purchase products without going through a competitive process. Orders over $5,000 are still required to be processed through your Business Center and purchases $25,000 and higher are required to be processed by Procurement, but there is no requirement for a competitive solicitation.

While there is no requirement for a competitive solicitation when using a State of Oregon Contract, please review the pricing to ensure you are getting optimal value.

Travel Services

Travel Services Contractors

Click on the logo below to access contact details and contract information:

Azumano Travel  


Car Rental Information

Click on the logo below to access contact details and contract information:

Enterprise and National Car Reservations University Motor Pool

OSU Travel Policies

General Travel Information

OSU Travel Contacts

Travel Contract Administrator
Please contact Procurement with any questions
(541) 737-4261
Contact Us

Airfare Travel Authorization List Coordinator
Stephanie Smith
(541) 737-1825

CI Azumano Business Travel

CLICK on the LOGO below to access the Azumano Travel web site:

Azumano Travel

For reservations through Azumano Travel Services contact:

Contract Summary

CIAzumano Travel Request Form - For travelers to request travel reservations or options from CIAzumano

Azumano Campus Outreach Video – August 20, 2013