CIAzumano Online Booking Tool - Certify (formerly nuTravel)

CI Azumano is a Travel Management Company dedicated to supporting Oregon State University.  They offer OSU an online booking tool called Certify (formerly nuTravel), which is a consumer driven solution to make airfare, hotel, and rental car reservations.

Certify is configured to leverage OSU’s travel contracts, but also allows employees the flexibility to search all available commercial rates just like common solutions such as Expedia and Orbitz.  You can quickly filter your results based on what is important to the user.  You can search just OSU contracted fares if you want the security of refundable tickets, or you can search by price if you have budget limitations.

All vendors, air/car/hotel, make their inventories, seats/vehicles/rooms, available in what is called a GDS – Global Distribution System.  All online booking tools access the same source. Therefore, while Certify is not a consumer product, it does have access to anything that any other consumer online booking tool can offer.

  • CIAzumano OSU Page - links to Certify (nuTravel) Training Material and other CIAzumano Travel Resource

  • For more information about Certify (nuTravel) - contact Stephanie Smith via email or phone 737-1825