Buy Orange

Buy Orange provides information and portal access to OSU Contracts for goods and services. Time, resources and monetary savings are realized when purchasing from an already established OSU Contract. Except for purchases in which Bureau of Labor and Industries Prevailing Wage Rates would apply, purchases up to $5,000 may be made directly against these Contracts without having to go through PaCS or utilizing a Banner Purchase Order. Purchases above $5,000 require a Banner Purchase Order but competition is not required!

Advertising      Industrial Services      Public Agency and Cooperative Agreements

Computers      Janitorial Services      Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities

Copiers      Lab Supplies      Residential/Facilities Mattresses/Linens/Toiletries

Costco Program      Laundry Services and Supplies      Software

Equipment Maintenance Management Services      Moving Services      State of Oregon Contracts

Floor Coverings      Office Supplies      Temporary Services

Furniture      Pouring Rights      Travel Services