Pre-negotiated pricing has been achieved with Apple, Dell and HP for pre-configured computers based on annual volume and purchase data at Oregon State University and is reviewed each year. Pricing remains constant until stock changes, so you may order one or multiple computers at the same price until these machines are no longer offered. Actual models and pricing offered will be updated to reflect changes in technology. For model details and a comparison of the computers currently represented in Buy Orange, please see this spreadsheet.1

The intent of these pre-configured computers is to meet a majority of the needs on campus to reduce administrative costs and time spent in both procurement and technical support, and is NOT intended to be the only machines acquired on campus.

Speak with your local departmental computer administrator (DCA or CN support team) to determine your technical needs; they may also assist you with on-line quoting and technical consultation.

Contact your business center or finance person to determine your departmental computer ordering and budget approval process.

1This information is for general reference purposes and is updated quarterly based on the technology available at that point in time. Slight modifications to technology and cost are implemented in an ongoing manner, which may result in slight differences to the pricing and specs shown. See the individual vendor's web site for the latest pricing and configurations offered.

Pre-Configured Computers - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please contact Procurement at (541) 737-4261 and ask for the computer contract administrator.