The eProcurement Project Team structure represents a collaborative effort among shared services, business centers, audit services, information services, and university leadership.

To ensure that we give due consideration to all those who will use the system, our project management approach represents a series of advisory groups, committees and project management groups.

  • The Executive Steering Committee provides the Core Project Team with guidance in areas of project strategy, scope, and other strategic areas.
  • The Core Project Team monitors the overall project and facilitates escalation and resolution of all critical project issues, utilizing guidance from the Advisory Group, Focus Group and Executive Steering Committee.
  • The Advisory Group(s) work provides guidance on issues of functionality, process, and other tactical areas.
  • The Focus Group provides specialized departmental knowledge on University purchasing processes.

This OSU eProcurement Project website has been created to provide information on project status and a means to contact the project team throughout the development, implementation and training of the project.  Additionally, listening sessions, Advisory Group meetings, and Focus Group meetings will be facilitated and coordinated to provide numerous information sharing and feedback gathering opportunities with the entire campus community.  Key considerations that are brought forward at these events will be detailed and presented to the Executive Steering Committee for direction and decision-making, as appropriate.

  • Listening Sessions will be provided throughout the project to give the campus community opportunity to receive project updates and to share their questions, comments and opinions with the project team.
  • Project Updates will be provided by the Core Team throughout the project to Business Center, Business Affairs, and other purchasing, financial and contracting units across campus.
  • A System Training Program will be developed to provide on-going system training opportunities to system users.
  • A System Layer Administrator within PCMM will serve as system help-desk representative to provide on-going user assistance, maintenance and upgrades to the eProcurement System.