What is eProcurement?

How is eProcurement different from Buy Orange?

It is very different!  First, all of the contracts will be in one marketplace that can be accessed through a single sign-on. You won’t have to enter into each vendor’s website separately.  Second, purchases can be made automatically in the system and will sync with Banner.  Third, all budget authority routing will be done electronically in the system.  Fourth, the system will be able to receive invoices and payment can be made.  It’s really an outstanding system!

Does this replace Buy Orange? i.e., is eProcurement only for contracted vendors or is it for all vendors?

BennyBuy does replace BuyOrange.  It will be for all vendors as this system has many components.  There is a supplier management tool that most suppliers will register in.  There is also an online marketplace where departments can make purchases from catalog vendors or submit requisitions for orders from non-catalog vendors.  It is a comprehensive purchasing tool.

How will this replace Banner or how will this affect the work I currently do in Banner?

The eProcurement system will integrate with Banner so that purchase requests, invoices and supplier data entered in BennyBuy does not need to be re-entered in Banner.   Banner Finance module is the only module affected.

Who will have access to BennyBuy?

Who can shop in BennyBuy?

Almost all employees will have “Shopper” access in the system. Shoppers will be able to build a cart, but cannot place the order.  In order to place an order, the Shopper will need to assign the cart to an employee with the Requestor role.  Requestors will be able to place orders.

Are there different roles for shopping and purchasing in BennyBuy?

  • The Shopper Role:  All University Employees default access as a Shopper.  Shoppers can build a ‘draft cart’ for goods/services and have access to full vendor database. Shoppers cannot submit a request into workflow, but must assign the cart to a Requestor.
  • The Requester Role: Can build draft carts for goods/services.  Has access to full vendor database.  CAN submit a request into workflow for approval
  • The Approver Role: Can build draft carts for goods/services. Has access to full vendor database.  Approves requisitions that are electronically routed to them based on a future-state approval queue design.

Will there be designated purchasers in each unit, or will each faculty member or staff be authorized/expected to do their own purchasing?

A shopper role will be widely deployed to ensure all campus users can build a draft requisition.  However, each unit will need to evaluate if, and when, the Requestor role is deployed.

Can faculty delegate to grad students?

Almost all employees will be given a Shopper role in the system.  Shoppers can build a cart and assign the cart to a Requestor to place the order.

How are orders submitted and approved in BennyBuy?

Will we have the ability in a shopping cart to assign index/funding/accounting detail by line item or is the index/funding /accounting detail based on the total cart value and the user entering the cart?

Yes, shoppers create a cart and assign their cart to a requestor.  The requestor role will review purchases to verify they meet business expense policies and will ensure necessary purchase information is included.  Requestors will also enter the accounting information and monitor the cart to PO completion and vendor submission.  Shoppers will be able to check on the status of purchases they initiated.

Will we be able to attribute multiple indexes & approvers for each item purchased through eProcurement, as well as activity codes?


Will split index purchases route to more than one budget authority if necessary?


How can we order items that are offered through a Buy Orange vendor but are not part of the contract?  For example: a buyer recently ordered a computer from Dell that was configured slightly differently than the one Dell had on contract.

Get a quote from the vendor and submit a non-catalog order form.  Additionally, enabled vendors can publish eQuotes to simplify the ordering process.

Will we have a mechanism to escalate approvals that have been delayed without being intrusive or causing an approver or requestor to become frustrated or overwhelmed?


What will happen if an approver is out on extended leave, vacation, or business and they forget to delegate their approvals - How will that be dealt with?

Requesters can pull their requests back to assign to a different approver.  In addition, a Systems Layer Administrator will be available to resolve these types of exceptions.

Will there be super user roles in the system - people who may support many departments or groups and have a need to enter multiple orders on behalf of others or pay invoices from many groups etc.?


Are there going to be restrictions as to what can be purchased, limits and BOLI?

The system will be designed to replicate many of the existing purchasing policies, while leveraging automated workflow to systematically identify when additional review/consideration may be necessary (including dollar limits, BOLI implications, or restricted services).

What input will departments have on approving invoices for payment for PSC’s and ensuring work is completed?

Departments will still approve invoices for payments and ensure work is completed.

What suppliers or vendors will be available in BennyBuy?

Will I still be able to do business with vendors I have used for years if they are not a supplier in the system or they do not have a supplier catalog in the system?

Yes.  All vendors will be available in the system, regardless of catalog presence.

Will Special Occasions be added?

Yes, Special Occasions will be an accessible vendor in the system, but will not have a catalog in the system for now.

Will PDX hotels be added for events?

Yes. PDX hotels will be accessible vendors in the system, but will not have a catalog.

Should we use eProcurement instead of Amazon?

Yes.  The eProcurement system will contain Amazon as well as other contracted vendor catalogs and has the added convenience of allowing you to bill to your index rather than PCard.

Will OSU Service offerings be included in the system?


Can we still buy directly from vendors if they aren’t in the system?

All existing vendors will be accessible in the system.  Additionally, the requisitioning process will support adding new vendors during order placement.  This will ensure vendors go through an appropriate review process before goods are delivered or services are rendered.

Can departments/units invite suppliers?

Yes.  This feature will be available to all eProcurement users.

Do we have unlimited suppliers we can have in our customer network?


When a request supplier form is submitted, does the requestor get notified once the action is completed as to the final outcome of the request?


Will there be a mechanism in the system to validate supplier registrations to prevent duplicate profiles?

Yes. The system will validate duplicates by supplier name, tax ID and email addresses.  If the system recognizes a possible duplicate, it will show a list of all the possible duplicates it identified.