When the new system is complete and fully operational it will provide the following services:

  • eProcurement (ePro)  This module provides the one stop shopping environment for all goods and services. eProcurement is very customizable and scalable based on the needs of the University. Powerful vendor catalogs and punch out functionality create an intuitive environment for online shopping.  eProcurement will often be the landing spot for most of the campus community when first entering the eProcurement Source-to-Settle environment
  • Accounts Payable (AP) This module helps automate invoice processing.  It leverages e-Invoicing technology, a supplier invoicing portal, and a robust advance dynamic workflow engine to fully automate the invoice process.  This module is geared at driving down invoice cycle times, adding transparency for suppliers into the payment process, and automating tedious paper processes where possible, to provide enhanced e-Invoicing accounts payable process, real-time visibility and direct interaction with suppliers, sales orders, and invoices, which can lead to payment discounts.
  • Supplier Management This module handles supplier enrollment and supplier management, allowing for automated vendor communication and onboarding, supplier qualification review, supplier risk management, and alerts for documentation expiration.  Integration of this module with the other modules allows for supplier onboarding to be initiated early on in the procurement cycle instead of at the payment phase to automate supplier management.
  • Contract Management This module provide end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management, allowing stakeholders greater transparency into the contract process.  This module also provides a single repository for contracts, a large library of standard templates for various contracting needs, and real-time updates to contract documentation.
  • Sourcing This module provides sophisticated tools to help create sourcing events, manage bids, and award contracts, while also offering a configurable workflow to ensure sourcing events, bids, and contracts are routed through proper stakeholders automatically.  This module also offers a self-service access for suppliers so they can easily see events, or bid opportunities to provide a means to create events, manage bids and award contracts automatically.
  • Spend Analytics  This module is the data analytics and reporting module that allows the university to leverage spend data to drive home cost savings for campus users.  Having transparency into purchases during the entire process allows administration to pursue university wide contracts and create strategic partnerships with key suppliers.

The eProcurement Source-to-Settle project will be launched in two phases.

  • Phase I includes eProcurement, Accounts Payable and Supplier Management.  Phase I is scheduled to launch in late November, with a projected pilot period of August 2017.
  • Phase II includes Contract Management, Sourcing and Spend Analytics. Phase II is scheduled to launch during the pilot period of Phase I, with a projected completion of November 2017.