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Thank you for your participation in the BennyBuy (eProcurement) System pilot.  In preparation for the pilot starting August 15, hands-on system training will be provided for all Business Center staff. Separate tailored training will be provided for department Requestors, Shoppers and Approvers.

Authority Thresholds

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Core Reports for eProcurement

  • eProcurement Queue Membership (FIN0065) - Shows eprocurement queue membership for Budget Authority Queues only. Parameter is Queue Description (accepts wildcard)
  • eProcurement Fund/Org Permissions (FIN0066) - Shows a user's Fund / Org permissions for eProcurement. Parameter is ID (multi)
  • eProcurement Requestors (FIN0067) - List of Procurement requestors, by Org. Parameters are Business Center (mutli select) and Org title (multi select)

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