Shopper A University employee that can interact with all of the available procurement opportunities within BennyBuy.  This role can prepare draft carts, but cannot submit a request for approval.  This role must assign a draft cart to a Requestor for a request to be submitted for approval on their behalf
Requestor A University employee delegated purchase authority to submit orders for approval.  Requestors can build carts from scratch or can receive assigned carts from Shoppers. Additionally, Requestors act as the Budget Authority for orders under $5,000.  As a result, orders under this dollar threshold will observe an expedited approval path.
Approver A University employee delegated the authority to approve documents (requisitions, PO Revision, or invoices).  Approver can be assigned to a specific Finance Org and dollar threshold.  Approvers can take action on documents wihtin BennyBuy or using the mobile application or email approval functionality.
Shopping Cart The area of BennyBuy where the Shopper or Requestor places goods or services in advance of submitting for approval.  A shopping cart that is submitted for approval transition into a Requisition.
Requisition A electronic request that has been prepared and submitted for approval.  A fully approved requisition will automatically be assigned a Purchase Order.
Purchase Order A legally binding contract sent to a supplier authorizing shipment of a product to the customer at a specified price and terms.
Catalog Order Contracted items hosted within BennyBuy. Easy platform without the need to visit the supplier’s website. 
Punchout Order Contract and Non-Contract items hosted on the supplier’s website.
Account Code Standardized accounting code to classify the procurement of goods and services.  Required component of the Index & FOAPAL entry.
Non-Catalog Request Form  Traditional requisition request requiring quantities, unit prices, product descriptions, supplier selection, and a procurement checklist.
Supplier Invoice The itemized bill for goods sold or services provided containing individual prices, the total charge and the terms.
e-Invoice Electronically transmitted invoices delivered directly to BennyBuy by suppliers.
Receipt Acknowledgement of goods received/services rendered.
Two-Way Matching vs.
Three-Way Matching
Purchase orders that exceed $500 require a 3-way match.  Defined as requiring a matching 'Receipt' and 'Invoice' that falls within the tolerances of the purchase order.
Purchase orders less than $500 require a 2-way match.  Defined as requiring an 'Invoice' that falls within the tolerances of the purchase order.  No receipt is required.
Payment Request Form  Automated form used for the following types of activity: Memberships, Awards/Prizes, Honoraria/Limited Engagements, Entertainers, Royalties/Licensing, Guest Travel Reimbursements.