Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my recyclables picked up?
Please use our online service request form to request pickup. We will fulfill your request the next time we visit your building, or sooner if you indicate on the form that your request is urgent. Find out when we'll be in your building.

When will my building be serviced?
Visit our Locations & Schedule page to see where bins are located and when we visit your building.

Where is the nearest recycle bin?
Campus Recycling has thousands of pickup locations distributed amongst all buildings on campus. To find the location nearest you, check our Locations & Schedule link. Additionally, Campus Recycling has approximately 60 exterior Walkway Recycling containers for use by pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Do you recycle ____?
To see a full list of everything that can be recycled at OSU instructions on how to do so, please visit our Recycle Guide main page.

What plastic is recyclable?
On campus, we recycle four shapes of plastic: Bottles, Tubs, Jugs, and Jars. These items should all be placed in any Containers recycling bin. Please visit our Container Recycling Guide for further details on what plastic is recyclable.

What does the triangle on plastic items mean?
The triangle on plastic shows what type of plastic resin the item is made of. This DOES NOT determine whether the item is recyclable or not. Please use the shape of the plastic to determine if it is able to be recycled.

How do I recycle Styrofoam?
We accept packaging peanuts to be reused (box/bag them, write "recycle" & place next to a regularly serviced recycle bin). We are able to collect other Styrofoam (blocks, sheets, etc) in some cases; please contact us to discuss options.

I am cleaning out my office, can you pick-up my paper more often?
While in most cases we are not able to pickup more frequently, we are able to provide temporarily placed larger bins for clean-out projects. We can loan you one or more large carts, drop off extra bags, or, if none of these options work for you, we can do a special pickup. Please use our online service request form to request additional bins or a pickup.

How do I recycle my batteries?
Based on EPA and DEQ guidelines, batteries require special handling as a potential hazardous waste, and therefore are collected by Environmental Health and Safety, not Campus Recycling. Battery collection bins are located in the Valley Library (near JavaII, at the bottom of the staircase), as well as UHDS service centers (McNary, Arnold and Marketplace West). If you have a large quantity, box/bag them and request pickup using the EHS online hazardous waste pickup request form. For more information, please contact Pete Schoonover via email or call 737-3127.

Do we compost at OSU?
Yes! Campus Recycling offers options to departments, which can be viewed on our Department Compost page. Additionally, many dining facilities on campus compost kitchen prep scraps and leftovers.

If you have questions not answered above, please contact us.