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The following are questions that have been answered by PaCS over the years. They are categorized alphabetically. If you are an OSU staff member with an OSU department or Business Center and have a question that you'd like to present to PaCS please email your question to It may be considered for posting and sharing on the FAQ page so that all staff can benefit from the information.

Questions have been split up into the following categories:


Is there a resource to help the Banner invoice approvers understand what a contract number might look like and where to find it on the various documents that they work with?

It depends on the type of contract. If it's a:

  • OSU Contract: The contract number is typically located on the top of the agreement within the title.
  • PPSC: PPSC's do not include a contract number, but there is a PaCS tracking number penciled on the side of the document after the contract is executed. Because PaCS will be redeveloping the PPCS, we will include a space for a "contract" number where we can type in the tracker number (which will be the OSU contract number).
  • Other Party Contract or Agreement: This varies widely. The number is typically in the title of the document. In some cases it's in the upper right hand corner, but it is not unusual to have a contract without a contract number.

In cases where there is no contract number the best way to identify the contract is to state the title of the contract, name the other party as stated in the contract title and the expiration date of the contract typically located in the Contract Term section of the contract within the document text of the Banner Invoice document.

Here is a link to instructions on how to look up POs and Contracts that are fully executed as well as the access area:

PaCS Contract Search Feature Instructions

PaCS Search Feature Log In

Personal Services Contracts (PSC) and Personal Services Invoices (PSI) 

I've been directed by a Principle Investigator to use a Personal Services Invoice to hire high school leaders/mentors and secretaries as needed and outlined for Personnel expenses in a grant. However I have concerns about wording in the Terms of Payment for Personal/Professional Services of $5000 or less portion of the PSI document: "b. CONTRACTOR is an independent contractor as defined in ORS 670.600." Is using a PSI the appropriate method to hire these individuals?

The PSI wouldn't be appropriate for the Personnel expenses outlined in the grant because they wouldn't be considered independent contractors.

An independent contractor is someone that is engaged in an independent trade, business, or profession and offers their services to the public. There are several factors used in determining whether or not someone is an independent contractor, but given the information in the grant, the high school leaders/mentors and secretary mentioned are not independent contractors. If you're interested in reading further about independent contractors, you can refer to Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 670.

The stipends for high school leaders/mentors could be processed directly through Business Affairs Accounts Payable on the Vendor Payment Request form. The secretary or grad student would need to be hired through Human Resources or through the OSU contracted temporary agency, Barrett Business Services.

Purchase Orders 

What payment process guidelines should Business Centers use for invoices over the original Purchase Order amount?

Unless the increase in payment would cause the Purchase Order total to exceed $25,000, Business Centers may approve invoices up to 10% above the Purchase Order amount. Invoices greater than 10% above the Purchase Order amount should be reviewed and approved by the Business Center Purchase Order Approver. The Business Center Purchase Order Approver may consult with Procurement and Contract Services to determine whether a new Purchase Order is required if the increase is one of the following:

  • due to a significant change in the scope of the work
  • causes the Business Center to go beyond the dollar threshold allowed for the Business Center
  • changes the Purchase Order in a manner that requires BOLI Prevailing Wage Rates be incorporated

For Change Orders to both Business Centers and PaCS issued Purchase Orders, change order requests are submitted to PaCS for review and PaCS will add or make changes to the existing Purchase Orders commodity lines. If any action, such as payment, has been linked to the Purchase Order in Banner then Banner will not allow PaCS to make changes or add accounting lines to the existing Purchase Order.

Please refer to the appropriate Policies and Procedures for more general information pertaining to:

Purchase Orders: and
Vendor Invoice Processing: