This page provides information on policies and programs related to minority, women, and emerging small businesses (MWESB) interested in doing business with Oregon State University. Please review our blog at MWESB at Oregon State University for additional information. If you have any questions, please contact our Adminstrative & Diversity Manager Christine Atwood.

Minority, Women and Emerging Small Businesses

OAR 580-061-0030 expands economic opportunities for Minority Business Enterprises, Women Business Enterprises and Emerging Small Businesses by offering them the contracting and subcontracting opportunities available through OSU contracts. Notices of all solicitations over $25,000 procured through a competitive process will be provided to the Advocate for Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business through the Oregon State University Bidding Opportunities website.

In accordance with OAR 580-061-0030 (2), OSU shall not knowingly contract with or procure goods and services from an Entity that discriminates on the basis of age, disability, national origin, race, marital status, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.

For procurements of goods and services, bidders and proposers must certify, as part of the bid or proposal documents accompanying the bid or proposal on a public contract, that such bidder or proposer has not discriminated against Minority, Women, or Emerging Small Business Enterprises in obtaining any required subcontracts.

Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business Certification

Qualifying Minority, Women and Emerging Small Businesses can obtain certification through the Oregon Office of Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business website for certification information.

MWESB Policy

Effective November 2011, the Oregon University System (OUS) implemented a MWESB policy. This policy requires effort by universities within OUS to extend business opportunities to MWESBs. OSU Procurement has updated the solicitation processes to incorporate the requirements of the policy.

It is the intent of Oregon State University to acquire the best product at the best price being cognizant of the need to encourage growth of Oregon firms including small businesses and women and minority owned businesses.  Thank you for your interest in doing business with Oregon State University!

MWESB Annual Report

Click here for the FY16 MWESB Annual Report

This report represents the joint effort of Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management (PCMM) and Capital Planning and Development (CPD) to provide information on the participation of Minority, Women-Owned and Emerging Small Businesses (MWESB) vendors in fiscal year 2016 at Oregon State University (OSU). MWESB participants include suppliers, construction contractors and professional service providers. PCMM and CPD continue to actively promote and engage the utilization of MWESB firms through a variety of outreach activities.