Procurement and Contract Services Policy & Procedures Manual
Section 300: Purchasing
Effective: 7/01/2010
Revised: 12/18/2014


317-001: Visiting Campus

Vendors or Contractors must carry with them at all times documentation that associates them with their company.  Vendors are highly recommended to schedule visits with departments rather than drop in unannounced.  Vendors should maintain appropriate and professional behavior while on campus.  Vendor conduct should adhere to all OSU policies such as, but not limited to, the Smoke-Free and Firearms policies. OSU has also adopted policies applicable to all Vendors/Contractors that prohibit sexual harassment and that the Vendor’s/Contractor’s company and employees are required to adhere to institutional policies prohibiting sexual harassment in their interactions with members of the institutional community.


317-002: Vendor Parking

Vendors and Contractors coming on campus must work with Transit and Parking Services to secure required permits for parking on campus.


317-003: Purchases from OSU

When accepting orders from OSU staff, Vendors or Contractors should get a form of payment such as a procurement card or Purchase Order, OSU contact name, OSU department and phone number.  If a Vendor receives an incomplete order from an OSU employee they should request additional information to document the purchase.


317-004: Contracts from OSU

Signed Contracts, agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, confirmations or any other form binding OSU to specific terms and conditions may only be signed by an individual designated as a Contracts Officer by the Vice President for Finance and Administration.


317-005: Vendor Invoices and Pricing

Invoices for valid purchases and Invoice or payment inquiries should be sent directly to the ordering department to initiate payment.  Vendors or Contractors will assess charges to OSU that accurately reflect the purchase.    Vendors and Contractors will not misrepresent charges whether for their own benefit or at the direction of OSU employees.  Doing so may result in termination of a Contract or disqualification from consideration for award of Contracts.