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Effective January 1, 2024 the purchase limit to some BennyBuy punch-out catalogs will change to $25,000.01.

Affected Supplier Punch-Out Catalogs:

  • HP
  • Bluum (formerly Troxell)


Per OSU Standard 03-010,5.2.1 (e), OSU may utilize contracts by other government or nonprofit organizations that were competed in a manner reasonably equivalent to OSU's competitive procedures to purchase goods or services, otherwise known as cooperative contracts. OSU uses these cooperative contracts to support some of the BennyBuy punch-out catalogs, allowing departments to obtain special pricing and make purchases over the competitive thresholds without performing competitive processes.

What is the issue:

The cooperative contracts that support the Affected Suppliers' BennyBuy punch-out catalogs were awarded to multiple suppliers, no longer meeting OSU's competitive requirements for purchases over $25,000.

What is changing:

The punch-out catalogs for the Affected Suppliers will be changed to non-contracted suppliers. This means purchases from these suppliers through their punch-out catalogs will be limited to $25,000 and below. Any purchases above $25,000 will need to be competed. These punch-out catalogs will still be supported by these contracts to provide specialized pricing.

Beginning July 1, 2022, PCMM will provide public notice of all decisions to award a sole source contract on the OSU business and bid opportunity website for 7 calendar days before procurement of the related good or services.

Why the change?

The public posting is an important tool in verifying a sole source determination. Providing public notice of decisions to award a sole source contract gives suppliers an opportunity to review and appeal. Errors in sole source determinations may require remedy which could include: termination of a contract, award cancellation, and issuance of a competitive solicitation.

What should departments do to prepare?

Departments should include 7 calendar days for the posting period in their timeframe, in addition to the review of procurement documentation and contract negotiations, for making purchases using a sole source procurement method.

To help prepare for this process, departments should ensure their Sole Source Request Forms are thoroughly researched and complete prior to submitting with their purchase request through BennyBuy.

Sole Source Resources:

Procurement Training and Support

  • Introduction to Sole Source video and presentation
  • Sole Source - Campus Guide (pdf)

Procurement Faculty and Staff

  • Procurement and Contracting Services Policy & Procedures Manual (Section 311: Solicitation and Sole Source Notices)
  • Sole Source Request Form

Contact with any questions.



Vendors and OSU staff should be aware that vendors are again reporting that they are receiving requests for quotes using the OSU Chief Procurement Officer’s contact information.  If you are unaware of this scam, vendors receive requests for quotes for goods where the Chief Procurement Officer’s contact information is accurate, but the email information is not accurate. 

If vendors receive requests for quotes or Purchase Orders with the Chief Procurement Officer as the requestor please do not fulfill the request.  If you are uncertain about the validity of the request you can contact with your inquiry.

Please refer to these FAQs for managing COVID-19 related changes or cancellations in your contracts.

FAQs for COVID-19 Procurement & Contract Changes or Cancellations