Procurement and Contract Services Policy & Procedures Manual
Section 300: Purchasing
Effective: 7/01/2010
Revised: 12/18/14

The following purchases require review or approval from specified departments prior to making the purchase.  Departments or Business Centers submitting Purchase Requisitions or Contracts for PaCS review should ensure the required internal or other department policy holder review or approval is received prior to submittal.  PaCS will not be held responsible for delays in initiating purchases or contract development or review due to submitter’s failure to have them properly vetted.


301-001: Facility Modifications

Facilities Services should be consulted when a department is requesting work to be done such as Construction, Electrical, Design/Build, Architectural and Engineering, Autoclaves, Fume Hoods, Hazardous Materials, Telecommunications Wiring, Ducting, Heating, Air Conditioning, UPS Units, Roofing and anything related or requiring a permit.  For more detailed information see PACS 502-03.


301-002: Radioactive Material or Radiation-Producing Machine

The Facilities Services Department of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) must authorize all purchases of radioactive material or radiation-producing machines, regardless of whether by purchase, gift, loan, transfer, or other means.   In accordance with the Radiation Safety Manual authorization must be verified and documented prior to placing the order or accepting gifts, loans or transfers.

Most procurements of radioactive material are radiolabeled chemicals for use as tracers in laboratories.  The following is a “hot list” of other items that incorporate radioactive material or produce radiation, and also require prior approval of Radiation Safety:

  • Any device with the word “x-ray”, “diffraction”, “fluorescence” or “nuclear” in the description
  • Gas chromatographs equipped with electron capture detectors (ECDs)
  • Liquid scintillation counters
  • Gamma counters
  • Portable moisture/density gauges
  • Class IIIb or IV lasers


301-003: Hazardous Materials

The Department of Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) must be notified by email and must approve all purchases classified as hazardous materials.


301-004: Use of OSU Logos or Name

All purchases using any of the OSU logos or name are to be reviewed and approved by University Advancement. For more information on obtaining University Advancement authorization go to .  Vendors and Contractors may not use the name of Oregon State University, any Oregon State University Trademarks or logos without the express written consent of the university. 


301-005: Print Purchases and Copying

Pursuant to the Vice President for Finance and Administrations memo dated December 1, 2004, Printing and Mailing Services has been identified by the University as the sole agency for print purchasing and copying using state or university funds.  All purchases for printed materials and services should be directed to Printing and Mailing Services.


301-006: Research Animals

All purchases of research animals must be approved by the Laboratory Animals Research Center (LARC) prior to purchase.  All Contracts for the housing, transportation or use and care of research animals must be approved through the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).


301-007: Vehicle Purchase and Leasing (Passenger Vehicles)

OSU has a central Motor Pool which rents vehicles to departments on an as needed basis.  While purchasing or leasing a vehicle for a department’s sole use is not prohibited, consideration should be given to the aspects involved in owning or leasing a vehicle such as registration, title, ownership, maintenance, gas purchases, insurance and driver eligibility.  Prior to purchasing or leasing a vehicle departments must work with the following groups to coordinate the aspects listed:

  • Motor Pool – Determination of whether a vehicle will meet minimum mileage usage requirements that justify full time vehicle assignment, vehicle title processing, insurance documentation for the vehicle, and fuel card usage.
  • Office of Risk Management - Determination of whether the vehicle qualifies for insurance coverage and safety requirements for road use and driver eligibility.


Purchasing New Vehicles:

  1. Work with Motor Pool and the Office of Risk Management to make the determinations identified above.
  2. Check which vehicles are available from on contract by contacting your Business Center buyer or PaCS.  Purchasing a vehicle off any of Contract allows a significantly discounted price.
  3. To purchase a vehicle not on Contract, follow the procurement policies and procedures for the anticipated dollar amount of the purchase. 

Purchasing Used Vehicles:

  1. Work with Motor Pool and the Office of Risk Management to make the determinations identified above.
  2. While all used vehicles are not necessarily equal (e.g., mileage, accidents, condition or repair), competitive pricing comparisons should be considered at any dollar amount.  Follow the procurement policies and procedures for the anticipated dollar amount of the purchase.
  3. Departments can register and title a vehicle, but may wish to have Motor Pool manage this process.  Once the title is received the title should be scanned and sent to Inventory Management so that an asset number can be referenced on the title and confirmation can be made that the vehicle is on OSU inventory.


301-008: Trade-Ins

If an item is used as a trade-in allowance toward purchase, the documentation must include an approved Property Disposition Request (PDR) signed by the Surplus Property Manager, and written approval from Inventory Control confirming the item is University owned.  All Trade-Ins must follow the Property Management Policies and Procedures and approval must be confirmed prior to processing.  Purchases made with a trade-in are capitalized at their full value, not the amount after it was reduced by the trade-in allowance.  If multiple assets are being traded there must be a specific amount for each asset – not a lump sum for all.  For additional information related to Trade-In’s see PaCS 303-009.


301-009: BOLI Procurement

Purchases of goods and services that are determined to be subject to the Bureau of Labor & Industries (BOLI), Prevailing Wage Rates (PWR) are excluded from purchase authority granted to departments or Business Centers regardless of dollar threshold.  See BOLI Procurement 504-05.  When unsure if a purchase qualifies for BOLI, immediately contact PaCS.   


301-010: Restricted Fund Equipment Purchases

Purchases with an Account Number of 40101 and a restricted fund index number (an index that is not the typical E & G index of 3 alpha characters followed by 3 numeric characters) must have approval of the Office of Post Award Administration  (OPAA).  Purchaser will obtain this approval prior to completing the Purchase Order. 


301-011: Purchases or Contracts using Federal Funds

Purchases or contracts at or above $25,000 may not be made to entities or vendors that are debarred, suspended or otherwise excluded from or ineligible for participation in federal assistance programs or activities.


301-012: Audit Services

Contracts or procurements for auditing services must be reviewed and approved by the Vice President of Finance and Administration and Assistant Vice President and Controller of Finance and Administration.  After such approval is received, departments are to contact the Oregon University System Internal Auditor to develop the contract or procurement.


301-013: Legal Review

Some procurement and contract documents require review by the Office of General Counsel.  This requirement varies by dollar value and/or type of purchase or contract. PaCS may seek legal advisement outside of the requirement as necessary.