Procurement and Contract Services Policy & Procedures Manual
Section 300: Purchasing
Effective: 7/01/2010


310-001: Request for Qualification (RFQu) - Procurement

A Request for Qualification (RFQu) is a procedure by which Procurement seeks vendors that meet a specific level of minimum qualifications.  This process is used to establish a qualified vendor list or Qualified Pool.  A Solicitation Document is issued establishing minimum qualifications and interested Vendors respond in writing by describing their experience with and qualifications to provide the services described in the Request for Qualification.  Generally further competition is required to select from this group of vendors who have met the qualifications and this is generally the initial step.


310-002: Request for Information (RFI)

A Request for Information (RFI) is a procedure by which the University can obtain information in preparation for another type of solicitation.  RFI’s are used for informational purposes and do not fulfill the requirements for competition, therefore a contract or award cannot be made from this process.  Generally an RFI is used when the University does not have sufficient information of the goods, services or vendor interest.  An RFI typically includes a basic outline of what the University is interested in doing and how vendors should provide responses.  Responses can be comprised of the vendors marketing materials, or answers to a series of questions.  Request for Information may be used by departments as a starting point to find information, but may not result in a purchase or a contract.


310-003: Qualified Pools

OSU may establish a pool of qualified Vendors (“Qualified Pools”) that can be used on a non-exclusive as needed basis for the selection of Contractors when Direct Procurement or Informal Procurement methods are otherwise authorized in OAR 580.  This process may not be applied to construction related services.

Contracts issued from the Qualified Pool may not exceed the dollar threshold for the Informal Procurement Method during a single fiscal year.  Selection of Contractors from a Qualified Pool will be made as follows: 

a)    Departments may make a direct purchase up to dollar threshold for Informal Procurements if:

  • The price or rate is established by OSU in the Request for Qualification and that price or rate remains the same upon issuance of a Contract; or
  • As part of the Request for Qualification the vendor was required to submit their price or rate and that price or rate remains the same or lower upon issuance of a Contract.

b)    Departments may obtain three quotes from Qualified Pool participants and make award up to the dollar threshold for Informal Procurements to the lowest priced respondent.

c)    Departments may interview or request presentations from three Qualified Pool participants and make award up to the dollar threshold for Informal Procurements of the highest ranking participant.