Procurement and Contract Services Policy & Procedures Manual
Section 300: Purchasing
Effective: 7/01/2010
Revised: 4/30/2013



312-001: Reissuance of a Solicitation

Reissuance of a solicitation will be at the sole discretion of PaCS who may require a waiting period before reissuance of a solicitation.


312-002: Additional Purchase Based on a Previous Solicitation

Established under the Alternative Processes in OAR 580-062-0020(6), OSU may purchase additional goods based on a previous solicitation from the awarded vendor, without seeking further competition, if all of the following conditions are met:

a)    the goods were competitively solicited through an Informal or Formal Procurement Method in accordance with applicable statutes, administrative rules and policies and procedures;

b)    at least two Vendors responded to the original solicitation;

c)    the original solicitation was awarded within the immediate preceding six (6) month period from the date of the new Purchase Order;

d)    the goods are exactly the same as those identified in the original solicitation and any addendums to the solicitation made during the solicitation process;

e)    the awarded Vendor is willing to provide the goods at the same price offered in the previous solicitation; and

f)     the dollar amount of the purchase from the previous solicitation added to the dollar amount for the additional purchase does not exceed the dollar threshold for the type of solicitation conducted or create a requirement for legal review if legal review was not obtained during the previous solicitation.


312-003: Cancelling

Solicitations may be cancelled upon providing official notification of cancellation.  Solicitations can be cancelled before or after solicitation opening.  Any responses received will be handled in accordance with OAR 580-061-0140. 


312-004: Specifications

The requisition will be reviewed by PaCS to determine the appropriate solicitation type and to ensure the department has provided clear specifications or scope of work.  Only those specifications included in the solicitation document may be considered when determining responsiveness to that solicitation.


312-005: Sourcing

Departments may provide a list of Vendors that they wish to receive the solicitation.  If the department does not provide a list or in addition to their list PaCS can locate additional Vendors.  Procurement and Contract Services does not maintain a “bidder’s list” or list of Vendors to notify of upcoming solicitations.  Vendors can view the Oregon State University Website at to view all Institutional opportunities over $25,000.


312-006: Legal Review

Certain commodity and services solicitation and contract types at varying dollar value thresholds require legal review.  PaCS will forward finalized documents to the Office of General Counsel for required legal review and for instances where legal advisement is needed.


312-007: Pre-Proposal/Pre-Bid Meetings

If applicable, PaCS will conduct a pre-Bid or pre-Proposal meeting insuring any information clarified or provided during the meeting is issued in a written Addendum to the solicitation.  A written attendance record of the Vendors present will be created.  If the meeting is mandatory only those attending will be allowed to respond to the Solicitation.


312-008: Solicitation Questions

If there are any questions from the Vendors, PaCS will act as liaison.  If the questions are related to the Specifications or scope of work PaCS may relay those questions to the department if necessary.  If the questions are related to the procurement procedure, PaCS will answer the question.  If the questions impart information that is not already contained in the Solicitation Document, PaCS will relay the information to all Vendors via an Addendum.  Vendors should not contact OSU key stakeholders or evaluation committee members during a solicitation process conducted by PaCS.  The reverse is true as well as key stakeholders or evaluation committee members should not contact Vendors during the solicitation process.  All Addenda to solicitations will be posted to the OUS website.


312-009: Due Date and Time and Public Opening

Formal solicitations will have a scheduled public opening on the due date and time.  The opening should be attended by the Analyst and include another person as a witness.  The public opening should be stated in the Solicitation document.   This is not required for informal solicitations.


312-010: Determination of Responsiveness

PaCS will conduct a post Opening review to determine Vendor Responsiveness.  This may include checking the Vendors’ calculations, tabulating totals and checking for required Specifications.  If there are mistakes which cannot be resolved under OAR or a Vendor does not meet the required Specifications, PaCS may reject the Offer by sending a letter to the Vendor indicating they are rejected and no longer under consideration and that they have the opportunity to appeal as provided in OAR 580-061-0130 (5)(a).


312-011: ITB/RFP Department Review

PaCS will forward the solicitation responses and the OUS Conflict of Interest Statement to the department.  OUS Conflict of Interest Statements must be completed and returned from anyone evaluating an ITB or RFP.  The low Bidder should be considered first unless the Bid Specifications offered are not equal to the required Specifications.  If the department does not want to place the order with the low Bidder, the department must provide documentation describing how the Offer is non-Responsible or non-Responsive.  RFP responses are evaluated based on the criteria and evaluation process identified in the RFP document, typically using a scoring methodology.


312-012: Contract Issuance

Once the department decides to make the purchase by selecting the highest scored Proposer or verified that the lowest bid meets specification requirements as defined in the solicitation document, PaCS will complete the purchase order or contract.


312-013: Notice of Intent to Award

All vendors submitting a response to a formal solicitation must be notified of OSU’s intent to award to the apparent successful bidder or proposer and provided with the appropriate protest information.  PaCS will issue this Notice of Intent to Award to all vendors that submitted a response.  Vendors responding to an informal solicitation are not typically notified of award unless requested.


312-014: File Availability after Notice of Intent to Award

After issuing a Notice of Intent to Award the procurement files are available for review only by those vendors who responded to the solicitation.  If a vendor requests to view the file PaCS will review those offers to make sure that no confidential or proprietary information is contained in the file.  Vendors should make an appointment and may not be allowed private or closed access to the documentation.


312-015: Post Closing Addendum

Under Development.