Procurement and Contract Services Policy & Procedures Manual
Section 300: Purchasing
Effective: 7/01/2010


Sole Source procurements of $25,000 or more, are only allowed when it can be thoroughly documented that the contractor holds a unique (no other sources have it) set of skills or expertise that make it impossible for anyone else to do the work or that the goods are not available from another source. Departments must fill out the Sole Source Request Form and completely document the due diligence used to make the sole source determination which could include sources such as internet searches, scientific publications and colleague references.


314-001: Sole Source Advertisement

Sole sources must be advertised on the OUS website for seven (7) calendar days.  PaCS will make a written determination of the Sole Source.  Contracts or purchase orders will not be signed or issued until after it has been advertised for the requisite amount of time and the written determination has been made.


314-002: Protest of a Sole Source Determination:

Vendors may protest a sole source determination by submitting a letter of protest to the analyst listed in the advertisement.  The letter must be submitted to the analyst by the day and time established in the advertisement.  Late protests will not be considered.  The letter of protest must demonstrate that the vendor can provide the service or goods indicated in the sole source advertisement and include additional support documentation. 

PaCS will review the protest and make a determination to uphold or deny the protest.  If upheld, PaCS will issue a solicitation.  If the protest is denied, PaCS will notify the vendor indicating why the protest was denied and the sole source procurement may proceed.