Below are some frequently asked questions that Procurement receives:

We have a reservation for a hotel (or meeting site) that is requiring a signature. Since it’s a small dollar amount, can I sign it?

Please email any agreements, contracts, reservations, etc. to our general email box for review.  In most cases, Procurement will need to review and sign the forms, as they are typically binding contracts that contain terms and conditions that need to be reviewed by a procurement analyst.

I need to look up the status of a contract or agreement. Do I need to call or email Procurement or is there another way to check?

You can use our Check Status search tool to look up projects that Procurement is working on or has been completed.  If you need access information to the tool, please email our general email box and we will send you the information (available to OSU employees ONLY).

A vendor has requested our W-9 form, but I can’t find it on your site. How do I get a copy?

Please contact your Business Center, the Procurement general email box or Business Affairs Accounting to request the current copy of the OSU W-9.

What is a Sole Source Justification and in what situations is it allowed?

For procurements or contracts that are $25,000 or higher, a Sole Source justification can be allowed only when it can be thoroughly documented that the vendor holds a unique set of skills or expertise that make it impossible for anyone else to do the work, or the goods are not available from any other source. There is more information on our Sole Source Procurements and Contracts page. A Sole Source Request Form must be filled out and submitted with the purchase request papework. Sole Source procurements will still need to be posted for 7 days on the bid opportunities website.

What is BOLI and where can I find information about it?

Please contact Construction Contract Administration for BOLI-related questions, purchases and services.

Where can I find the policies regarding purchasing goods and services and contracting at OSU?

Go to the Procurement and Contract Services Manual for policies and procedures. The FIS Policies also contain policies and procedures for campus.