Employment at Oregon State University is a public trust. The ethical standards that an OSU employee must maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity, impartiality and professionalism in conducting business on behalf of the University. Employees responsible for maintaining the integrity of the competitive, procurement and contracting processes act as stewards of the University and taxpayers’ dollars so it is especially important that OSU employees avoid even the perception of a conflict of interest. OSU staff should familiarize themselves with the Purchasing and Contracting Ethics Policies and Procedures.

OSU is subject to the provisions in the Procurement and Contracting Code 580-061-0000 “Code of Ethics.” The Code of Ethics states that on an annual basis OSU employees in relation to OAR Chapter 580, Divisions 60, 61, 62, and 63 will sign a statement that the employee has reviewed and will comply with the OSU Code of Ethics. OSU provides an online tool so that employees responsible for procuring or contracting for goods and services may complete the necessary Ethics Statement which fulfills this OSU Standard.

The following are directions for utilizing the OSU Ethics form:

  1. Go to the Ethics Statement Login page
  2. You will be prompted to log in using your ONID ID
  3. After logging in, thoroughly read the Ethics Statement
  4. If you have any questions or think you may have a conflict of interest please contact the Chief Procurement Officer
  5. At the bottom of the Ethics Statement, be sure to fill out the CAPTCHA field then click on the “I agree” button to complete the process

Once submitted, the system sends an automated email receipt of completion to the employee with a copy to the OSU Chief Procurement Officer.

Declaration of Conflict or Potential Conflict of Interest

The procurement of goods and services at OSU must be free of the undue influence of outside interests. There may be situations in which financial or other personal considerations may compromise, or have the appearance of compromising, an employee's professional judgment in the execution of any part of the procurement or contracting process. Any conflicts or potential conflicts of interest regarding the procurement or contracting process must be reported to PaCS before making the procurement or executing the contract. Conflicts of Interests regarding the research integrity of a research project or proposal are managed through the Research Office process. Their decision on the conflict of interest relating to research integrity does not mitigate conflicts of interest in the procurement or contracting area.

Employees should promptly disclose any real or potential conflicts of interest by filling out the Disclosure of Real or Potential Conflict of Interest form and submitting to PaCS for review and advice on mitigating the conflict of interest.

For more information reference Policy and Procedure 104-001.

Additional Ethics Information

For additional information regarding ethics laws pertaining to public officials OSU staff are advised to review the Oregon Government Ethics Commissions' Guide to Ethics Laws for Public Officials and the Guide for Public Officials 2015 Supplement, which provides guidance on the provisions of the statute (ORS 244) pertaining to ethics and public officials.

The OSU Office of Research Integrity also provides guidance on ethics and conflict of interest as it pertains to research. For more information you can review the Office of Research Integrity Conflict of Interest.

To report known or suspected fraudulent acts or financial irregularities, please review the Fraud, Waste and Abuse Reporting Policy.