Current Training Materials

(Please Note: Training Materials created before June 2013 may have outdated purchasing threshold amounts)

  • Procurement - We Are Not Vogons

    Launch into the wide galaxy of procurement! Discover the services that OSU Procurement provides and how to most effectively use them to get positive results. Examples will show how we can help you navigate through the procurement cosmos to successfully reach your destination. View the slideshow or download the PDF of the presentation from Training Days 2013.

  • Banner Purchase Order (PO) Approvals

    This training video guides staff in how to utilize Banner PO Approval access in Banner. Important procurement thresholds and Banner PO Approver responsibilities are outlined. Review of this video is necessary in order to gain Banner PO Approval access in Banner FIS.

  • Azumano Campus Outreach Video

    OSU Procurement and Contract Services invited Azumano Travel, a contracted OSU travel provider, to facilitate a campus-wide travel outreach. This video provides you an opportunity to listen in and view the slide set that was presented on August 20, 2013. This outreach provided attendees the opportunity to meet the Azumano Travel staff, familiarize themselves with Azumano Travel and their value proposition, learn about Azumano Travel’s reach within state-wide systems and contracts and provided an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

  • Should I Separate This? A Lesson in Fragmentation

    Watch this 9 minute video to learn about fragmentation as it pertains to managing purchasing and payments. Fragmentation is a prohibited practice by Oregon Administrative Rules and this informative video reviews the importance of managing purchases in a manner that avoids fragmentation. The video goes over the definition of fragmentation, applicable dollar thresholds and rules, and provides a few examples. It also reviews why it’s important not to fragment and how fragmentation is managed if it is detected.

2012 Training Days Presentations

  • Essential Contracting

    This session was sponsored by the Contract Services section of Procurement and Contract Services and the following questions were discussed:

    • What types of agreements should be sent to Procurement and Contract Services?
    • How are agreements processed byProcurement and Contract Services?
    • What needs to be included in an agreement?
    • How does Procurement and Contract Services review agreements, including common issues and concerns in agreement formation?
    • What should departments and department faculty keep in mind when drafting agreements or scopes of work?

2011 Training Days Presentations

  • Personal Services Contracts and Independent Contractor Determination

    Learn more about personal services vs. trade services, the importance of a clearly articulated Scope of Work, and the process to develop and execute a Personal Services Contract. You will also learn about the importance of making an accurate independent contractor determination.

  • Purchasing Goods & Services

    (Please note that this document contains historical threshold amounts that were updated in June 2013)
    This presentation focuses on the many considerations when purchasing goods and services. The following are key areas outlined in the presentation:

    • Purchasing & Contracting Ethics
    • Delegated Purchasing Authority
    • BOLI Prevailing Wage Rates
    • Types of Solicitations
    • Buy Orange
    • Contract Signature Authority
    • Type of Contracts Procurement and Contract Services Manages
    • Procurement and Contract Services Resources

Independent Contractor or Employee Panel Discussion

Other Training Options

  • Training Days

    Training Days is a focused set of learning and workshop sessions providing information and insight to Faculty and Staff interacting together in our daily work at OSU. For more information visit OSU Training Days.

  • Department One-on-One Training

    If you or staff within your department are interested in focused training by the Procurement and Contract Services staff please don’t hesitate to contact us using our general email, our Contact Form or by calling us at 737-4261. We would be happy to visit with you about your training needs and schedule a time for procurement and/or contract training for your staff.