Recently OSU received a notice of attempt to collect on a debt from a debt collection agency. Although the debt collection agency is a verified business, there are no records indicating OSU has done business with the creditor listed, nor are there indications that the creditor is a valid business.

OSU staff should be suspicious of any notice to collect on a debt. Some items to consider if you receive a notice:

  • Does the notice include amount owed and name of the creditor?
  • Have you done business with the creditor listed?
  • If yes, does the amount owed match records of expenditures with the creditor?

DO NOT PAY THE DEBT COLLECTOR. OSU vendors should not be assigning debt to a collector. If you recognize the creditor and amount owed, contact the creditor directly to resolve the issue. If the creditor and amount owed are unfamiliar, contact us at Contact Us as soon as possible.