What are they?

Oregon State University's three green certification systems contain simple yet effective ways for the OSU community to further its sustainability efforts and get recognition for its hard work. The certifications aim to encourage lasting behavior and create a more inclusive sustainability community at OSU that can encompass all aspects of what it means to be a sustainable beaver!

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How it Works

All three certifications utilize online Qualtrics surveys to assess existing office, lab, and Greek life practices in areas such as energy, water, waste management, purchasing, transportation, and outreach.

Each survey can be saved and continued at any time, allowing you to complete it at your own pace. Once you start a survey, you can access it from the same computer on which you started, using the same link. If you need a link that can be shared by multiple computers to edit the same survey, please contact us and we'll create a special link for you.

Within the survey you will find resources and links to aid your certification submission.

Once data entry and analysis are complete, we will send your score and certification level, as well as customized recommendations for improvement to reach the next level! After a three month implementation period, you can resubmit and get a new score.

Recognition Levels

All three certifications follow the same scoring scale. Point values are available by request so let us know if you would like to get a sense of value for each item. After the Sustainability Office has reviewed your submission and scored it, we will provide a manually calculated report showing your office’s current certification level.

Certification levels:

  • Copper 50-59%
  • Silver 60-69%
  • Gold 70-79%
  • Platinum 80+%

Why Green Certifications?

Sometimes it’s hard to get started on the journey to being more sustainable. All three certifications offer simple steps to get started, track progress, and make that progress visible. The certifications all have something within reach for just about every type of campus entity and allow all members of the university to be able to participate in sustainability initiatives and be awarded and recognized for their hard work to help drive the university towards our Carbon Commitment.

Green Certification at OSU