Procurement is dedicated to helping OSU Colleges, Departments and Business Centers in meeting their procurement and contracting needs.

We manage the competitive processes and establishment of contracts and purchases that provide cost-effective procurement and facilitate supplier relationships that are mutually beneficial to the University and Contractors, focusing on finding effective procurement solutions.

We are committed to being a leader in supplier diversity by providing the greatest possible procurement and contracting opportunities through outreach and education to both suppliers and the OSU community. Our goal is to create effective business solutions for OSU through opportunities with diverse suppliers.


Tamara Gash, Associate Director Procurement and Contracts, successfully completed the NIGP Institute for Public Procurement - CPP Exam Module B in May 2021. With this achievement, Tamara joins a prestigious group of leaders who have successfully demonstrated the competencies anchored in the Public Procurement Competency Framework. Congratulations Tamara!



Vendors and OSU staff should be aware that vendors are again reporting that they are receiving requests for quotes using the OSU Chief Procurement Officer’s (Kelly Kozisek) contact information.  If you are unaware of this scam, vendors receive requests for quotes for goods where the Chief Procurement Officer’s contact information is accurate, but the email information is not accurate. 

If vendors receive requests for quotes or Purchase Orders with the Chief Procurement Officer as the requestor please do not fulfill the request.  If you are uncertain about the validity of the request you can contact with your inquiry.

On August 28, 2020, the Provost and VPFA sent a reminder email about the continuing hiring freeze in place at OSU. Please note that PSCs are specifically mentioned as part of the hiring freeze and require an exception approval, before submitting the contract request form in BennyBuy.  The Procurement Services office will require documentation of an approved exception on all new PSC requests.

The Provost and VPFA preference are that the unit should submit an exception request through the online hiring freeze exception request form as the first step.  Visit the Hiring Freeze web page, and complete the Exception Request web form in order to request an exception for a PSC. Please attach a copy of that email to the contract request form in BennyBuy when you submit the PSC.


Please Note:

For hiring exceptions, including PSCs, positions that are fully funded by 100% externally-funded grants do not require a hiring exception and may proceed through the usual approval process. Positions that are funded through other “external” funding, such as Foundation funds, statewide, county, or other non-E&G funding, do require a hiring exception.


Please email for support or questions.

Please refer to these FAQs for managing COVID-19 related changes or cancellations in your contracts.

FAQs for COVID-19 Procurement & Contract Changes or Cancellations