Oregon State University is committed to increasing energy efficiency, controlling energy expenditures and reducing carbon emissions.  In order to accomplish these goals, University Facilities, Infrastructure and Operations (UFIO) has instituted an Energy Consumption Rule, effective July 2019.  The Rule lists acceptable and expected building operating temperatures, as well as other factors that influence energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.  It is applicable to any OSU building, including classrooms, offices, laboratories, study spaces, etc. 

The rule serves as an official set of guidelines and source of information regarding the energy practices that meet OSU standards.  All building users are expected to adhere to the Rule.  If everyone using OSU facilities continues to follow these basic guidelines, the OSU community can significantly lower its energy usage, cost, and greenhouse gas emissions, while providing a consistent, suitable environment to work and learn.

Any questions regarding the Energy Consumption Rule can be directed to the Sustainability Office.